Our mission is to give all children the opportunity to play the game of hockey regardless of the economic state of their family.

FOH can help!

NHLPA Goals & Dreams supported Friends of Hockey with the donation of 25 sets of new equipment valued at $10,000.

NHLPA Goals & Dreams has been a proud supporter of grassroots hockey since the inception of the player's program in 1999. Hear more about the program from the players themselves! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqNOVveDs4c

NHLPA Goals & Dreams supports Friends of Hockey with $10,000 donation of new equipment

Giving back to the grassroots of the game that has given them so much never gets old for the members of the NHLPA. The Players' NHLPA Goals & Dreams – the players’ program that has donated over $23-million to over 33 countries since 1999.

NHLPA Goals & Dreams have made an impact in Woolwich with the support of the grassroots community program Friends of Hockey. Friends of Hockey is a private organization that is proud to fund all or part of a child's hockey costs (registration, equipment, etc.) in the strictest of confidence. They believe that every child in Woolwich has the right to play hockey, and want to help deserving kids lace up.

The Friends of Hockey organization was the recipient of the Players’ generosity, in the form of 25 complete sets of new equipment valued at $10,000 CDN, for their program to support the Woolwich community. Former NHLPA member and current Kitchener Ranger Asst Coach Dennis Wideman (St. Louis Blues, Boston Bruins. Washington Capitals, Calgary Flames) supported Friends of Hockey with the donation and continues to help out as needed.

The donation has directly impacted the organization and the equipment has supported the community giving players the opportunity to suit up and play the game of hockey. The Players have succeeded in giving back to the grassroots of the game and have enhanced the experience of hockey for those involved.